Best Commercial Coffee Maker to Use in 2020

commercial coffee maker

On a chilly morning or evening, a cup of coffee might do your customers some good. However, you might have trouble choosing the best commercial coffee maker.

In as much as acquiring one for yourself could be challenging, there are some excellent choices in the market.

There are several crucial considerations you need to keep in mind like brew capacity, quality, price and design.

Remember, in all your requirements, discerning customers’ need is crucial in order to meet their preference.

Which is the best commercial coffee maker?

After many hours of research, we found some coffee maker brands you might want to try. Below are some of them.

1.BUNN Commercial Coffee Maker – Simply the best

Commercial coffee maker
With many coffee makers flooding the market now, you may ask yourself which one is best. Have no more trouble because we have the best choice here.

The BUNN Commercial Coffee Maker is a game because it’s easy to use. Things are made so easy like plug and play. All you need is to plug in the machine and pour cold water in the water storage then start preparing your coffee.

As for capacity, you have a whole 3.4 gallons of coffee to produce per hour. In essence, you will fill 64-ounce decanters.

Apart from efficiency and convenience, the machine is automated therefore no unnecessary expenditure in hiring an expert to operate. If safety is what you want, the BUNN VP17-3SS3L ensures you are safe.

Equipped with three warmers and a splash guard funnel, it ensures you get protection from hot coffee.

All these features make the machine ideal for small cafes, family restaurants, convenient stores and even offices.

The perfect stainless steel finish makes it easier to clean, unlike other coffee makers.

 Efficient
 Easy to clean
 Easy to use
 Doesn’t require plumbing
 Easy to relocate it

• No temperature indicator

2. Focus Commercial Coffee Maker – Best Value
Commercial coffee maker
It is exciting to enjoy coffee in large mugs, but this works against many people because most coffee points provide small cups. Now with the exceptional Focus Foodservice 57060 Commercial Coffee maker, your customers will be sorted.

The machine’s efficiency goes up to 60 cups of coffee in less than 45 minutes—accommodation of mugs achieved through the large clearing capacity of the spigot.

With the dual thermostat feature, you can heat coffee faster and also achieve longer retention of heat.

You don’t have to worry about durability because of the stainless steel material helps it last longer. Additionally, it has a non-drip feature that puts the spigot in check. This is a highly affordable machine; hence you don’t have to break the bank to own it.

 Non-drip spigot option
 Efficient
 Caters to large mugs
 Dual-Thermostat for heat retention
 Durable
 Affordable
 Fast

• The filter isn’t efficient.

3.Keurig K155 K-Cup Coffee Brewer

Apart from the magnificent look, the Keurig K155 Commercial Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker will equally save time as of that in instant coffee.

The reduced brewing time to one minute maintains the authentic taste of coffee at the same time, satisfactory results.

In terms of operation, you enjoy the total colored touchscreen interface, a feature that is technologically appreciated. Therefore, you can set the brewing temperature to your preference.

The 18 cups brew capacity is one feature you will enjoy because of the removable water reservoir provided. The removable feature ensures it’s easy to refill and to clean.

 Easy to clean
 Easy to refill the water reservoir
 Adjustable temperature
 Efficient
 Aesthetic

• Coffee has a metallic taste

4. Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Coffee Brewer

In social gatherings and crowds, the Hamilton Beach turns out to be the best. With a capacity of 45 cups in an hour, that might serve a significant number of people.

The two-way dispenser equipped on the brewer makes it convenient in serving both small and large vessels.

To keep in check the water level, there’s is an area of marking on the coffee maker.In case you are worried about when your coffee is ready, you need to put your worries aside because the light indicator provided will inform you.

Sophistication is not part of this brewer thus simple to operate and clean. The lack of a filter in the machine makes it a percolator.

 Easy to clean
 Efficient
 Large Capacity
 Clear Indicators

• No insulation
• The metallic taste of coffee

5. BUNN 12-Cup Pourover Coffee Maker

There’s so much to admire in the BUNN VPR-2GD12-Cup. There’s no doubt that the aesthetics of this brewer will blow your mind because it’s too cute.

You will have an easy time operating it as it is easy to use. You need to plugin, fill the decanters with water and press a button. The machine will be up and running with a surprising efficiency of up to 3.8-gallon production per hour.

For durability, the stainless steel material ensures it lasts long. The exterior part is beautified by black finish which makes cleaning easier.

In terms of safety, splashguard funnel is put in place to protect users from burns.

The dark side is, the machine is loud and a slightly metallic taste of the coffee produced.

 Efficient
 Easy to use
 Attractive
 Safety guaranteed
 Durable

• Coffee with a metallic taste
• Noisy

By this time, you must have narrowed down your search and made up your mind on the coffee maker to buy. When buying a commercial coffee maker, consider its capacity, price and quality among other factors.

The above coffee makers are some best brands in the market. However, if you were to choose one, we would highly recommend the BUNN VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Maker. Otherwise, feel free to choose any other from the recommendations above.

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