Best Air Purifier Dehumidifier Systems in 2020

Your home is a haven of rest, a place where you spend your time with your loved ones. Keeping it cool, fresh, well ventilated, and comfortable is the best thing.

An air purifier dehumidifier system might be the first thing you may think about. But you might also wonder if air purifiers a waste of money.

Do they last long? What about their effectiveness? This might be a bit tricky.


If you make the right choice, they can’t be a waste of money? But which are the best air purifier dehumidifier systems?

Don’t worry.

After spending many hours researching based on buyer’s reviews and even testing some, we found some cool and effective air purifiers. But before that, let’s find out more about air purifying.


What is the work of a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers play a role in eliminating moisture from the air. You need to get a dehumidifier in your home for the safety of your health.

Humidity can cause your home to be a breeding host for some insects and even cause mold growth.

What is the work of air purifiers?

Air purifiers get rid of contamination from your house, leaving it with fewer allergens and dust. If you have pets, air purifiers will help you eliminate bet odor.
Other models also kill borne bacteria and pathogens that can be a threat to your health.

Can you get a dehumidifier and air purifier in one?

Before answering this, let’s briefly have an overview of dehumidifiers and purifiers. You must be trying to get a solution to dehumidify and purify the air.

Fortunately, you can get a dehumidifier and air purifier in one unit. It’s up to you to use them simultaneously or separately. Let’s have a look at some of the best choices.

Best air purifier dehumidifier

Now that you can get a dehumidifier air purifier under one unit let’s look at the best brands.

1. Pure Dry HEPA70 Dehumidifier and Air purifier

Here’s a great combination of air purifiers and dehumidifiers under one roof. With this unit, your home can be free of allergens like pollen, mold particles, humidity, and mildew.

It can cover a room up to 1400 Sq FT. The best thing about it is you can use it separately and simultaneously depending on your needs. Be sure to get the purest and driest air.
This is a game-changer if you are looking for an air filtration solution. In a day, this unit can get rid of up to 70 pints of moisture in your house.


Here are some features of this air purifier dehumidifier.

• Adjustable humidistat

This feature helps you choose your desired relative humidity level.

  • Auto-restart

It can automatically restart when power fails, and it gets direct drainage connection and continues operating. It also has an automatic full bucket shut off.

  • LED control pad

This, together with the cleaning mode, night mode, and timer prevents children from playing with the settings.


• Stylish design
• Two in one unit
• Automatic full bucket shut off
• HEPA filter
• Easy to use


• Some users complained that it was quite loud after a year of use

2. Ivation small area Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

Here is yet another multipurpose air purifier and dehumidifier to help you stay in a comfortable home. The Ivation small area Dehumidifier and air purifier control humidity levels and filters the air effectively.

However, this is best for small spaces due to the small size. You can use it in bathrooms, in the Attic, and on closets.


  • Simple touch screen controls

With as little efforts as a touch, you can precisely control the unit with 5% increments.

  • Design

This air conditioning and the dehumidifying unit have a small compact design and light in weight for an excellent performance.

  • Built-in air purifier

Aside from dehumidifying the air, this unit has a built-in air purifier that clears all dust from the air.


• Lightweight
• Easy to control
• Energy efficient
• Easy to assemble
• It is multifunctional


• It’s only suitable for small spaces and might not be great for your living room

3. Pure and Dry Whisper Air purifier Dehumidifier

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that dries a larger room, you need to try the Pure and Dry unit. This dehumidifier can absorb moisture in a room up to 1000 sq.ft.

It might be the best option if you are looking for an air purifier to kill bacteria. Below are some features we loved about it.


Here are features that make the Pure and Dry air purifier special.

  • Removable air filter

You can use the air filter of this unit separately when you want since it’s removable.

  • Digital readout

With the humidity stats on this unit’s digital readout, you can set the humidity level between 35%-85%.

  • Automatic technology

This unit can shut down and turn on automatically to help you maintain relative humidity.

  • Integrated sealed HEPA filter

This unit has an integrated HEPA filter system that purifies the air while the HEPA 70 dehumidifies the air.


• It can shut down and turn on automatically
• Removable filter
• Has digital readout to help you make adjustments.

• Some instructions on how to use it are not very clear.

4.Tenergy Sorbi Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

Should you be looking for a portable and compatible air purifier, the Tenergy Sorbi might be all you need. This unit has a reservoir tank that can hold 1 liter, which helps it remove at least 1.6 pints in one day. Below are some features you might like about it.



With a weight of only 7 pounds, you can easily carry it to the required room and use it.

  • Dehumidifier and Cleaner

Being multifunctional, it ensures that the air you breath is free from both moisture and impurities.

  • TRUE HEPA filtration

Unlike other dehumidifiers, this unit can trap more allergens like dander, dust, and pollen.

  • Ultra-Quiet operation

The best thing about this air filter and dehumidifier is its ability to operate without noise. It has a noise level of between 35-42db.


• Fights all musky odors and allergens
• Both air purifier and dehumidifier
• Ultra-quiet
• Portable
• Safe to use


• Sometimes it gets damp after frequent use depending on the climatic conditions

5. LUKO Dehumidifier Air Purifier

Are you looking for a strong air compressor to use in your room? The LUKO Dehumidifier Air Purifier might be all you need. It can cover up to 500 square feet.
You can use it in small rooms that are poorly ventilated like basements and bathrooms.

This is a q quiet dehumidifier that lets you rest comfortably without distractions even when sleeping.


The following feature makes this dehumidifier stand out.

  • Adjustable fan speed

You can change the speed of the fan to your desired speed for more quiet operation.

  • Auto-Defrost and 24-hour automatic timer

These automatic features ensure that after every 24 hours, it automatically defrosts without your presence.

  • Humidistat

The presence of the humidistat in this unit ensures there’s continuous control of relative humidity.


• Can extract 40 pints per day under perfect conditions
• Easy to use
• Auto shut off and auto defroster
• It’s an intelligent control dehumidifier

• The instructions are not clear

The ultimate guide for buying Best Dehumidifier and Air purifier
Buying the best air purifier dehumidifier can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you choose the best.

  • Temperature range

If you live in an area with low-temperature or colder climates, consider investing in low-temperature resistant dehumidifiers.

  • Noise level

How quiet is the air conditioner? Check the specification of the noise levels before buying to get the one that operates quietly.

  • Portability

Do you need an air purifier that you can move as much as you want? If so, get the one with caster wheels, which makes it easy to move them around.

Wrapping it up

There’s no doubt that your house needs air purifier dehumidifier to help you breath clean air. Choosing the right one will help you get better results.

If you were to choose one, we recommend the Pure Dry HEPA70 Dehumidifier and Air purifier. It has many features that make it stand out the rest like the digital readout.

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