12 Inspiring tips on how to decorate your room

There is this thing in you, and you can’t help but do it.

It’s decorating.

You love it, but sometimes it seems so expensive. You have the zeal of making your house have a new lease of life without breaking the bank. You might wonder what to do yet you are on a budget. If you are a keen budget decorator, no need to worry.

You can still make the decor you love with less money. You need a few tips and tools to help you think smarter about how to decorate your room. Below is what you need to do:

1.     Plan

 Find out which rooms you would love to decorate in your house. List down everything that you need and try to find how much it will cost.

Making a list will not only help you keep track of everything but also help you buy what you need. Compare the prices from different stores and buy from the place that allows you to save.

If you would need to reuse that kind of decor in future, you might want to buy in bulk. Some decorations are sold at a subsidized price in volume. You can consider buying them and use them in the future.

2.     Declutter your home

declutter your house

The first step on how to decorate your living room is getting rid of what you don’t need. If you have ever been keen, you must have realized that unwanted stuff can make your house look disorganized.

To declutter your home, you need to remove everything outside and sort them out. You can do this in every room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Sort out clothes that you don’t wear and those that are won out. You can donate those in excellent condition and get rid of those that can no longer be used.

3.     Clean your house

Now that you have decluttered your home, why don’t you clean it? I think before getting things back into each room after sorting them out; you can clean the rooms. This is the second step of making your home look better before further decoration.

4.     Use second-hand pieces

If you are a creative decorator, you don’t have to worry about purchasing everything new. In fact, second-hand pieces can give your home a unique style if you do it differently. You can mix your decorating with vintage pieces and other mid-century items. That will make them look better than matching.

5.     Use DIY methods

Did you know that you can do everything yourself? If you have time, you don’t have to hire an interior designer. You can paint your furniture and curtains and make your art. You can learn painting tips using YouTube videos and save the money that you would have paid a professional painter.

6.     Use what you have

If you are improving the outlook of your home, you don’t have to purchase everything. Take time and sort out everything in your house. You can use what you have to make your house look better.

If you have extra buckets, you can use them to plant flowers and put them anywhere around your home.

7.     Don’t rush

Before beginning any decoration project in your home, take your time. Even if you have already set a target of how much you are going to spend, rushing can cause you to make mistakes.

Taking time helps you to make the right choices of what to buy and compare different prices. You can also get opinions from other people who have done it which can be helpful.

8.     Try going natural

While plants are known to be for gardens, using them as part of your decoration can be cheaper and more attractive. Most natural elements are inexpensive.

You can use a simple bowl made of wood to plant flowers and other plants as a form of organic decor. They will also help you have fresh air. Some herbs such as Rose flower produce a sweet scent in the mornings and evenings.

9.     Add colour with paint

Sometimes you don’t need to paint the whole house to make it more attractive. If the existing paint is in excellent condition, you might want to customize it to make it more appealing than before.

 Change the outlook of your room by adding a bold geometrical design. You can also choose something that is more subtle and consider painting the door trims and the window in a bright and contrasting colour. You will end up using less paint yet having an impressive decoration.

10.Have brilliant storage ideas

Did you know that you can add decoration in some of your rooms by adding excellent storage options? Consider adding drawers and shelves in your bedroom in simplicity. This will give you pure elegance and keep things in order.

However, you don’t have to throw everything out of your room. You can put drawers and shelves on your wall, under stairs or in corners. The essence of using hidden drawers is to create more space in your house, and this makes it look better. Having hidden drawers helps to display photos and other favorite things in your home.

11.Wallpaper and rugs   

Think about adding coloured wallpapers or lighting in your rooms to make it more artistic. Placing a new carpet at the centre of your room creates a perfect balance of design. While this is an inexpensive idea, it makes a simple design that creates a better picture of your house.

12.Choose an excellent lighting

Did you know that lighting contributes to the outlook of your home? Light transforms the mood of your house at a minimal cost. Consider buying a fresh shade for your lamp.

You can also replace mismatched table lamps with smart ones that match. You can place them on the side of your bed or sofa, and this will give your room a sudden cohesive style.

You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your home. You only need a little creativity. Consider getting inspiration from friends and family in more ways. Otherwise, the above tips can be useful for a start.

Have you ever tried decorating your room on a budget? How did you achieve that?

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